I can offer photographs of any size according to your wish. Below listed are example sizes and prices. Orientation prices for individual sizes are priced according to the nearest larger format. I leave it up to you to select appropriate format that will suit your intentions and application the best.
For example, the price of a 110 x 220 cm panorama is 2300 EUR.

Prices are as follows – fully adjusted and framed prints:

Print size (cm)  Price (EUR)
150 x 150 1850
140 x 140


130 x 130 1650
120 x 120 1550
110 x 110 1350
100 x 100 1250
90 x 90 1150
80 x 80 1050
70 x 70 950
60 x 60 850

The largest possible print is 1.5 m wide (any length x 60 inch wide).

I generally prefer max. size of 110 x 110 cm (43 x 43 inch - alternatively any length x 43 inch wide) for which I use Epson 9800 Ultrachrome k3/ EFI XF. This is at the same time limit for the State-of Art True B&W prints. Naturally, 60 inch technology is possible for larger sizes.

The lifetime of prints counts in tenths of years without any degradation of colors even on direct light thanks to used production technology and process. The price corresponds to the unique and complicated technology and process used during the production, as well as to the exclusivity of the art. Price for “laminated only” (rolled) prints is 90% of the price for “fully adjusted” (framed) prints. These pictures are produced as high-end glossy laminated (washable) longlife pigmental prints.

Another option are prints without lamination on special printing media such as ultra-matte paper, etc.

I am able to send to you these pictures rolled up in a carton or plastic tube, because shipping possibilities of the adjusted (bonded on the Forex plate and framed) pictures over 60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 inch) is very risky and expensive.

I accept payments via Bank to Bank Wired Transfer (others methods by special agreement).

Preferred shipping partner for European Union is "International Commercial Parcel",
for other countries I prefer the "International EMS" or DHL Express (well-tested, but expensive).