About author

Vrchol Gašerbrumu II (8035m), Karákoram, Pákistán 1997

Ladislav Kamarád (1963)

With my photographs I try to create “windows onto forgotten worlds”.
They are large “holograms” that draw you in – nothing gets in your way
and suddenly, smoothly, you enter the illusion.

Former member of The Federation of European Photographers
I ended my membership in February 2019 due to dissatisfaction with the development of events in this association.

From April 2004 QEP Photographer From December 2005 has achieved the
Master Qualified European Photographer
The highest accolade in European Professional Photography.

Apparently the only one, who was working in the elevation over 8000 m above the sea level (without using an oxygen mask) with medium format photographic equipment (Hasselblad). For the time being, he has climbed two eight thousand meter high mountains. Cho Oyu in Himalayas (8201m) and Gasherbrum II in Karakorum (8035m). 

Na ledovci Baltoro pod K2, Karákoram, Pákistán 1997Pod vrcholem vulkánu Orizaba - Citlaltepetl, Mexiko 2001